The WGKK is on Facebook!

From the beginning of July 2018, the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund (WGKK) has had its own Facebook page. Why have we taken this step at this point?

Today practically every enterprise has a social media presence so it can communicate with its clients interactively and fast. The WGKK is keeping up with the times and wants to add another means of communication to the classic channels of communication such as e-mail, telephone and face-to-face chats for its community of insured persons. By means of its own social media presence, the WGKK can promote exchange between insured persons and patients, bundle inquiries at one point, and thus meet the needs of its clients even better.

Why Facebook?

As a great number of Austrians uses Facebook (roughly 3.8 million users), this also includes a large number of persons insured with the WGKK, which makes it sensible to start an official page on this platform. In addition, Facebook currently offers the broadest options to communicate with people and so enter into an active dialogue.

Initial result: a lot of content, a growing community

With a broad range of postings, the WGKK is trying to combine insurance issues, health information and news. The content ranges from practical (health) advice and stories from the WGKK, photographs and video clips, to competitions and surveys. The positive reception of all this can be seen from the site’s increasing popularity as well as the many likes and shares.

Furthermore, many insured persons also use our Facebook page to make inquiries at the WGKK, both in public and private. We do our best to answer any requests quickly and are always happy about our community’s positive feedback 

Data protection for any type of communication is a top priority for the WGKK – especially regarding the exchange of information via social media. Patient data as well as, for instance, social insurance numbers or medical reports will be immediately removed from the platform.

Have a look and get your own impression of our Facebook presence at facebook.com/wgkk.at

And, of course, we are looking forward to your like!