"rundum gsund"

preventative project for overweight and obese men and women

More and more women and men suffer from excess weight and obesity. The project “rundum gsund“ (“healthy all around”), which is implemented by the women’s and men’s health centres FEM, FEM Süd and MEN and is financed by the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund, focuses on this very problem. Several times a year, there are 8-month long courses for women and men that are available in German, Turkish and now also in Bosnian/Croat/Serbian. These courses rest on the three pillars of 

  • psychology
  • diet
  • exercise

to reduce weight on a long-term basis. The exercises and hints are designed in a practical manner so they can easily be integrated in people’s daily life.

Registration and information on the project:

  • FEM, FEM-Süd und MEN
  • Contact for women speaking German
    Mag.a Dr.in Sonja Rader: Tel. 01/60 191-5201
  • Ansprechpartnerin für women speaking Turkish
    Mag.a Ümit Sheridan: Tel. 01/60 191 - 5202
  • Ansprechpartnerin für women speaking Bosnian-Croat-Serbian
    Mag.a Milena Damchevski: Tel. 01/60 191 - 5204
  • Ansprechpartner für men speaking German, Turkish, Bosnian-Croat-Serbian
    Mag. Paul Brugger: Tel. 01/60 191-5454
  • WGKK
    Sabine Slovencik, BBSc: Tel. 01 601 22-2813