fit2work is a voluntary, confidential and free programme offering advice and information to promote health at the workplace. fit-2work helps clients to maintain, promote or regain their ability to work.

The aim of fit2work is to provide individual measures to relieve physical, mental and social burdens and so help lead a long-term sustainable healthy working life. It starts with an analysis of the clients‘ status quo and problem situation. This is followed by a mutually developed set of measures supported, if required, by support from fit2work.

fit2work is a comprehensible, easily accessible information and advice programme for employable people between the ages of 18 and 65. There are two specific types of counselling: 

  • Personal counselling
  • Company (re-) integration management (“In-company counselling”)

The overall objective of fit2work is to avoid or solve any help problems related to the workplace.

The WGKK supports this initiative and is a cooperation partner of fit2work

Contact fit2work Vienna:

Telephone: +43 1 740 22-2500

Information on the project:
Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2732