The new look of the WGKK online services

At www.meineSV.at, the Austrian social insurance institutions offer their insured persons comfortably and secure online services.

Searching for insurance periods, accessing doctoral appointments, checking prescription charges paid, listing insurance benefits received, looking at your pension account – all this can now be done online

Applications and notifications can be made quickly and unbureaucratically. A list of services can be found below:

Displaying and changing My SV Profile data

  • Displaying treatments (LIVE-Online)
  • Preparing insurance data statements
  • Displaying health promotion in companies (“Abfertigung NEU” – new severance pay scheme)
  • Prescription charges: showing my account
  • Displaying doctor’s visits
  • Displaying my data and co-insured persons
  • Self-insurance: displaying account (WEBEKU)
  • Displaying pension account
  • Applying for a new e-card
  • Breast cancer screening

Applications – applying for benefits online

  • Non-accredited doctors/therapists: submitting invoices
  • Non-accredited dentists: submitting invoices
  • Transport costs: submitting invoices
  • Health aids and therapeutic appliances: submitting invoices
  • Self-insurance: applying/deregistering
  • Applying for child care benefit
  • Child care benefit: disclaimer
  • Approval of therapies
  • eKOS - Electronic communication service

Confirmations – displaying and ordering confirmations

  • Non-accredited doctors/therapists: displaying cost reimbursement
  • Non-accredited dentists: displaying cost reimbursement
  • Transport costs: displaying cost reimbursement
  • Health aids and therapeutic appliances: displaying cost reimbursement
  • Maternity benefit: displaying confirmation
  • Sick leave: displaying confirmation
  • Ordering health vouchers for stays abroad
  • Prescription charges: requesting confirmation for the tax authorities

Other services 

  • Sick leave: reporting back to work
  • Filling in accident report forms
  • Show Electronic Health File (ELGA)

The only prerequisite for using the services listed above is the Mobile Phone Signature – in order to protect the access to your personal data.

The signature can be activated for free either online or in person; you can find a list of all registration premises at www.handy-signatur.at.

The electronic signature can also be activated at all WGKK customer centers and at the head office at the Wienerberg (adresses), weekdays from 7am to 2.30pm.