Vaccination against tick-borne diseases

For insured persons and their dependants, the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund makes a contribution towards the costs of vaccination against tick-borne diseases (active immunisation against early summer meningoencephalitis).

This contribution currently amounts to EUR 4.00 and is granted towards the cost of the vaccine all year round, independent from the pharmacies’ programme to offer vaccines at a reduced price. The pharmacies usually offer this programme from January to July.

It is also possible to get vaccinated at the WGKK health centres for free from March to the end of July. Patients have to bring along the vaccine, their e-card and their vaccination record.

However, children under the age of one year can only be vaccinated by their respective paediatrician.

The following options are currently available for the contribution:

•          You buy the vaccine, reduced by EUR 4.00, in a public pharmacy (in the provinces it can also be bought from a doctor storing vaccines in their surgeries).

•          You buy the vaccine in a public pharmacy or from a doctor at the full price and get the EUR 4.00 reimbursed from us.

•          You take part in a vaccination programme at your place of work or school and get the vaccine at the reduced price from your employer or school.

•          You get vaccinated at a District Health Centre run by the Magistrat of the City of Vienna. Again, you get the vaccine at the reduced price.

For the health insurance fund to accept the procedure, it is important to complete and sign the respective forms (available in pharmacies, from doctors, District Health Centres and schools). In the case of vaccination programmes at work, we also accept vaccination lists completed and signed by the insured persons instead of the forms.

In contrast to company and school doctors, general practitioners are entitled to charge for vaccination against ESME. Vaccination at a District Health Centre is free, unless the vaccine is brought by the patient. In this case an application fee has to be paid. The costs of the vaccination charge or the application fee are not reimbursed by the fund.

Vaccination plan for ESME:

The basic immunisation takes place in three parts:

1st part vaccination

2nd part vaccination – 1 to 3 months after the 1st part vaccination

3rd part vaccination – 9 to 12 months after the 2nd part vaccination

Booster vaccinations take place every five years (from the age of 60 every three years).

If the vaccination period is exceeded or a booster vaccination is missed, it is sensible to get your antibodies against ESME checked at a fee at the Institute for Virology of the University of Vienna (1090 Vienna, Kinderspitalgasse 15, Telephone: +43 1 40160-65500) – no cost reimbursement from the fund – to establish whether you are still protected.

For further questions regarding this vaccination do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +43 1 601 22-3488