Contributory Co-insurance

For co-insured spouses, registered partners and persons running the household and additional contribution is collected if the co-insured person 

  • does not bring up a child living in the common household (also adopted step and foster child or grandchild) or
  • did not in the past bring up a child living in the common household for at least four years (including also periods for a child’s education from an earlier relationship or as a single parent) or
  • is not himself or herself entitled to care benefit  of at least class 3 or
  • cares for an insured person entitled to  care benefit  of at least class 3;

also if the insured person does not

  • receive sickness benefit, maternity benefit, unemployment benefit or extended unemployment benefit or
  • social need has been established

Additional contribution

The additional contribution amounts to 3.4 percent of the contribution basis.
The contribution basis is

  • for persons in compulsory insurance due to employment, the income from employment subject to social insurance contributions, including special payments, which is to be determined using the social insurance database of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions:
    • to be used is the annual contribution basis of the previous calendar year
    • if there is no annual contribution basis for the previous calendar, the current income from employment subject to social insurance contributions is used 
  • for pensioners with compulsory health insurance, the current monthly pension amount  including special payments
  • for self-insured persons in health insurance, the contribution basis used for self-insurance
  • for persons insured under multiple insurance systems, the contribution basis from each individual insurance

Contributions have to be paid on the commencement of co-insurance, irrespective of whether any benefit has been received from co-insurance.

The additional contribution is charged to the insured person – and not the dependants – by the health insurance institution. Insured persons have to ensure the contributions are paid to the health insurance institution. The additional contribution is not kept by the health insurance institution, but goes to the Federal budget by way of the hospital financing system.