Reasons for being excluded from being a dependant

The spouse or registered partner, dependants running the household and caring dependants, other relatives or the partner are only deemed to be dependants if they do not belong to the following groups of people:

  • Persons who are self-employed professionals (including doctors, lawyers, patent lawyers, notaries, self-employed pharmacists, chartered accountants and tax advisers)
  • All these persons also if they receive a pension under the Social Security Act for Self-Employed Traders or the Social Security Act for Freelance Professionals or the Social Security Act for Notaries or any benefit due to old age, incapacity to work or death paid by their statutory trade association 
  • Frontier workers, i.e. persons gainfully employed abroad that would establish compulsory statutory health insurance in Austria or persons receiving a pension because of such employment; this also applies to employment at an international organisation and the receipt of a pension because of such employment.

This rule applies to all dependants (i.e. beyond the persons listed above also to their children and grandchildren).