Non-contributory co-insurance

The number of persons covered is greater than the number of insured persons at the WGKK. Social health insurance benefits are granted not just to insured persons but also to certain family members (dependants) – in most cases without any additional contributions.

Prerequisites for being deemed a dependant

  • usual place of residence in Austria (exception: children and grandchildren during  school or vocational education abroad)
  • no health insurance under the ASVG or any other Act
  • no entitlement to health care from a public-sector health care institution outside the social insurance system (e.g. Krankenfürsorgeanstalt der Bediensteten der Stadt Wien) 


  • personally, either at the customer centre Wienerberg/ground floor or in any other WGKK branch (addresses)
  • by mail
  • by fax
  • by e-mail
    (Addresses, fax numbers and e-mail addresses from page 100)

Customers can request the appropriate application form for receiving benefits for dependants (co-insurance) either by phone from each WGKK branch or download the form from the WGKK website. The documents required in the application for co-insuring dependants are listed in the table below.

Under certain conditions there is no need for applying to extend the co-insurance of children, as well as adopted children, who have reached the age of 18.

For an automatic extension of co-insurance, the following requirements must be met:
1. The child is registered at the WGKK
2. There is an officially acknowledged entitlement to family allowance for the child

If these two requirements are met, the tax authorities inform the WGKK electronically that there is still entitlement to family allowance for the child beyond the age of 18, as long as notification of family allowance has been made no later than by 30 November of the respective calendar year.

In this case, the WGKK automatically extends the child’s co-insurance. It is thus not necessary to present proof of the duration of the entitlement to family allowance.

If no family allowance is received for the child, it is necessary to present the respective proof.