Benefit information (LIVE)

The health insurance institutions are obliged by law to provide insured persons with information once a year on the benefits they received. From 2004, all insured persons received the benefit information including benefits received in the previous year. Since 2013 the benefit information is only sent to insured persons who registered for this service.
All other insured persons can access the benefit information using their mobile phone signature or citizen card online at MeineSV.at.

One advantage of accessing the information online is that also detailed data (quarters, individual benefits) is available and insured persons also help the WGKK to cut printing costs and postage.

The benefit information simply provides insured persons with information and is in no way intended to give people a guilty conscience regarding the receipt of benefits and the related costs.

It is the nature of social insurance that not only ill people, but also healthy people, who in a particular period did not receive any benefits at all, have to pay a certain contribution. The underlying principle of solidarity is the explanation for the gap between contributions paid and the benefits received by some insured persons. This means that the contributions of healthy persons and higher earners are also used for covering the costs of benefits for ill and socially deprived people. Calculations by the social insurance institutions show that six to seven percent of insured people receive roughly 50 percent of the benefits.