Self-insurance in health insurance


Prerequisites for registration

Persons not covered by compulsory statutory health insurance and resident in Austria can insure themselves under the health insurance scheme.


Waiting period for receiving benefits

Benefits are general granted only after a waiting period of six months before an insured event occurs.

Attention! The insured event of maternity is deemed to have started with the beginning of the eighth week before the expected birth of the baby.

There is no waiting period (i.e. entitlement starts immediately) if the self-insured person immediately before the start of self-insurance

  • was insured for at least 26 weeks (182 days) within the last year or
  • immediately before application was insured in the health insurance scheme under the ASVG or another Federal Act for at least 6 weeks (42 days) or
  • was entitled to such health insurance (co-insurance)

Start of self-insurance

Self-insurance generally starts on the day following the application.

You can apply for self-insurance also online at wgkk.at:
linkOnline application (in German)

If the application is made within six weeks or 42 days after the end of health insurance or entitlement (co-insurance) according to the ASVG or another Federal Act – with the exception of the Social Security Act for Self-Employed Traders (GSVG) or the Social Security Act for Farmers (BSVG) - self-insurance starts immediately following health insurance or entitlement (co-insurance).

The entitlement to or existence of co-insurance does not exclude self-insurance


Entitlement to benefits

Self-insurance in health insurance entitles to benefits in kind (e.g. treatment by doctors, hospital care, medicine, aids and appliances).


Amount of contribution

The monthly amount from 1 January 2019 is EUR 427,07.

On separate application and on presentation of the required documents (e.g tax bill, proof of income, savings book, proof of paying alimony) the contribution can be reduced if economic circumstances make this look justified.

For self-insured persons entitled to support to safeguard their livelihood from a social welfare institution, the contribution cannot be reduced.


Entitled dependants (co-insurance)

The only dependants are:

  • Spouses, registered partners
  • Children

End of self-insurance

Self-insurance ends on the lapse of the prerequisites, i.e.

  • with the start of compulsory health insurance or
  • when a person takes up residency abroad

An application can be made anew at any time once the prerequisites are met again.

Self-insurance also ends

  • with the end of the calendar month in which an insured person has announced leaving the scheme or
  • with the end of the second calendar month for which contributions are overdue if the contributions due for two calendar months have not been paid

In these two cases, self-insurance ends no sooner, though, than at the end of six successive calendar months from the start of insurance.

Another application for self-insurance can in these cases only be made after another six months have passed. This does not apply to the case of ending self-insurance due to the start of entitlement as a dependant (co-insurance).


Special rules for students

Students with no compulsory statutory health insurance can insure themselves as long as they are usually resident in Austria.
The monthly contribution for students is EUR 59,57 from 1 January 2019.

Self-insurance at this favourable rate is no longer possible if

  • income is received that exceeds the income limit of EUR 10,000 per year set in the Student Support Act (StudFG) (exception: receipt of a grant near completion of studies) or if
  • before the current studies, the course of studies was changed in such a way that there is insufficient success in studying according to the StudFG (exception: receipt of a grant near completion of studies) or if
  • the whole entitlement period for student grants for this course of studies in the sense of the StudFG has been exceeded by more than four semesters without good reason (exception: receipt of a grant near completion of studies) or if
  • before the current studies another course of studies in the sense of the StudFG has been finished – exception: students and course participants of the Vienna School of International Studies as well as self-insured persons as long as they are not employed or self-employed while studying; any employment with an income from work not exceeding the current low-income threshold of EUR 446,81 per month is not taken into account.

The so-called waiting period for receiving benefits does not apply if the prerequisites for favourable self-insurance are met.

Self-insured students have to present a confirmation of registration for the winter semester on application for self-insurance and then annually by 31 December of every year at the latest (student identity card alone is not sufficient), also stating their social security number and contribution account number.

 linkOnline application (in German)


Duty to report

Any changes relevant for insurance have to be reported to the WGKK in writing within a week.

Important changes include

  • Start of compulsory insurance
  • Start of entitlement as a dependant (co-insurance)
  • Start of receiving a type of unemployment benefit
  • Change of address
  • Change in economic circumstances in the case of reduced contribution
  • Change in studies or graduation

More information on self-insurance in health insurance:
Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2700
E-Mail: linksv@wgkk.at
Application forms are also available at the customer centre Wienerberg/ground floor and from any WGKK branch (addresses)