Dentures and jaw regulation


Removable dentures

Essential removable dentures (plastic or metal frame denture, anchor tooth crown) are provided by the WGKK if approval is given beforehand, but insured persons have to pay a share of the costs to the dentist or dental facility.

Fixed dentures are only used if there are strong medical reasons for not using a removable denture. Generally no contribution is made towards the costs for crowns, dental bridges and implants.


Jaw regulations

Jaw regulations based on removable braces are provided as benefit in kind by dentists or dental facilities under contract, with the insured persons paying a share of the costs as stipulated in the bylaws. For jaw regulations with fixed braces, the WGKK pays a share of the costs.

In the case of severe tooth displacement, patients are entitled to orthodontic treatment without contributing a share of the costs (main orthodontic treatment with fixed /metal brackets and treatment in early childhood with generally removable devices) at orthodontists and orthodontic facilities under contract as well as the WGKK dental health centre for orthodontics. These orthodontic benefits can be received without approval if a patient fulfils the requirements (degree of tooth displacement, age).


Cost reimbursement for dental treatment

In the case of treatment by non-accredited dentists, the WGKK reimburses 80 percent of that amount the WGKK would have had to pay for the equivalent service rendered by a contractual partner, but no more than the fee actually paid.

Against presentation of the invoice including a detailed description of the treatment provided (teeth treated, tooth surface details in the case of fillings, etc.) and proof of payment, the respective amount will be reimbursed.

It is also possible to make applications online on the WGKK homepage. For this a readable scan of the respective invoice is required in electronic form, as well as a citizen’s card or mobile phone signature. 

Jaw regulation, essential dentures (prostheses), and certain oral, jaw and facial surgery (e.g. advanced flap operation, flap operation, blockages with periodontal treatment, jaw joint treatment etc.) have to be approved by the WGKK. Therefore, an estimate has to be presented to the WGKK for approval before the beginning of the treatment.

In order to receive orthodontic treatment from a non-accredited treatment facility in the case of severe tooth displacement, approval prior to treatment is required. The costs of the main orthodontic treatment in the case of severe tooth displacement are also reimbursed if the treatment has been provided by a suitable non-accredited treatment facility without prior approval and the treatment has been successful. Treatment in early childhood with generally removable devices can also be received for free from any dentist under contract if the insurance fund has given its approval.

Attention! This rule is also valid when receiving dental treatment abroad.


Claiming cost reimbursement for dentures and orthodontic treatment

Claims for cost reimbursement for dentures and orthodontic treatment can also be submitted to the WGKK branches (addresses).

Claims for dentures received earlier, claims for dentures in connection with more than three anchor tooth crowns per jaw, and claims for cost reimbursement for orthodontic treatment for removable devices from the 4th year of treatment onwards will continue to be handled at the customer centre Wienerberg (ground floor, Dept. dental treatment/dentures).


Current rates 2019

Dentures – Jaw regulation
Current rates 2019
Rate from 1st January 2019 Share of costs WGKK Share of costs entitled person
Metal frame denture
per jaw € 901.00 € 675.75 € 225.25
additionally per tooth € 14.00 € 10.50 € 3.50
e.g. for: 3 teeth € 943.00 € 707.25 € 235.75
5 teeth € 971.00 € 728.25 € 242.75
7 teeth € 999.00 € 749.25 € 249.75
10 teeth € 1.041.00 € 780.75 € 260.25
Full plastic denture on a permanent basis
per jaw € 868.00 € 651.00 € 217.00
Plastic denture
per jaw € 223.00 € 167.25 € 55.75
additionally per tooth (wire fixture) € 14.00 € 10.50 € 3.50
Crowns for anchor teeth for partial dentures
Veneer metal ceramic crown € 539.00 € 404.25 € 134.75
Full metal crown € 328.00 € 246.00 € 82.00
Denture repairs
Crack, fracture € 68.00 € 51.00 € 17.00
Replacing a tooth € 82.00 € 61.50 € 20.50
Full lining € 141.00 € 105.75 € 35.25
Soldering on a wire fixture € 98.00 € 73.50 € 24.50
Extending a metal base € 133.00 € 99.75 € 33.25
Jaw regulation based on removable devices
per year of treatment € 896.00 € 627.20 € 268.80

More information on:

  • Jaw regulation: Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2490
  • Dentures: Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2423
  • Cost reimbursement for invoices of non-accredited dentists: Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2419