Mother-child pass

The mother-child pass is the basis for medical care for pregnant women and children in the first 62 months of their lives. The examinations designated in the mother-child pass aim to protect mothers and children from complications and illness that can be detected and treated early.

Examinations are free of charge for mothers

The scheduled examinations are conducted on presentation of the e-card by doctors under contract with the WGKK or doctors at the health centres (addresses), who then enter the examinations in the mother-child pass.

The examinations should take place within the scheduled time limits and entered into the pass as soon as possible.

Pregnant women can get the mother-child pass at their gynaecologist and in the maternity advice centres.

Insured persons should always take the mother-child pass with them when they go to the WGKK in any matter related to maternity.

More information on the mother-child pass:
Telephone: +43 1 601 22-2400