Child care benefit



The WGKK administrates child care benefit for the Federal Chancellery. Thus, you can find general information on child care benefit, allowance in addition to child care benefit, partner bonus and family time bonus under www.frauen-familien-jugend.bka.gv.at. Further information on how to apply at the WGKK can be found under www.wgkk.at/kbg

In order to help you choose the ideal child care benefit variant, or find out the optimum entitlement period within the child care benefit account, these internet pages also provide an online child care benefit calculator. 

General questions on child care benefit are answered by the child care benefit hotline under 0800 240 014 at no cost from anywhere in Austria (Mon to Thu from 9am to 3pm).



Make an application online – simple and fast – using the Mobile Phone Signature under www.meineSV.at or the FinanzOnline login at www.finanzonline.at

Shorter administrative processes generally enable faster processing of your application. You can submit your application personally at the child care benefit customer centre (1070, Andreasgasse 3). In addition, the fully completed application for child care benefit – together with the required documents – can also be sent to the customer centre by mail. Furthermore, the application for child care benefit can be submitted at any WGKK branch (addresses.)



 Documents required for processing the application for child care benefit, include:  

  • Fully completed application for child care benefit
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of examinations according to the mother-child pass programme, all five exams during pregnancy and the first examination of the child

additionally required ... 

  • from foster parents: proof of the foster care agreement
  • from non-Austrian citizens: legal residence permit in Austria according to §§ 8 and 9 Settlement and Residence Act (NAG) or § 54 Asylum Act 2005 for applicants and children
  • from persons who are eligible for asylum or for subsidiary protection: documents (cards) for persons eligible for asylum, or notifications that asylum has been granted for applicants and children eligible for asylum, or documents (cards) for persons eligible for subsidiary protection, or notifications that asylum has been denied for applicants and children


If at the date of application not all required documents can be provided, these can be submitted later. If further documents are required later, you will be notified in writing. 

Please make sure you apply in time! In general, applications can only be made once the child is born, but ideally close to the date of the first payment of the selected variant of child care benefit..