Maternity benefit

Maternity benefit is payable

  • for the final 8 weeks before the expected date of birth
  • for the day of the birth of the baby
  • for the first 8 weeks following the birth of the baby

The insured event of maternity can also be extended

  • in case of a premature birth, multiple birth or birth by caesarean section
  • in case of a ban on employment – if life and health of the mother or baby are endangered if the mother continues employment – the insured person is entitled to maternity benefit already from the date the certificate of maternity leave is issued.
  • with an early ban on employment in connection with the Tobacco Act

Documents required

For determining the beginning of the ban on employment or the beginning of entitlement to maternity benefit, the WGKK requires a doctor’s confirmation of the expected date of birth. This confirmation should be issued by a doctor under contract with the WGKK. In case of an early ban on employment, a confirmation issued by a gynaecologist, a specialist for internal medicine, a health & safety officer or a public health officer has to be presented.

For the entitlement to maternity benefit after birth, a copy of the birth certificate has to be sent to the WGKK. In case of premature birth or birth by caesarean section an appropriate doctor’s attestation is required.

For determining and calculating the amount of maternity benefit, the WGKK needs proof of employment and remuneration for maternity benefit (“Arbeits- und Entgeltbestätigung für Wochengeld”) for the employee. This is issued by the employer.

Attention: please don’t forget to give us your bank details!

Amount of maternity benefit

Maternity benefit is designed to fully compensate for the loss of earnings due to maternity.

The amount of maternity benefit is calculated from the net income from work in the last three calendar months before the start of maternity protection.

This income from work is to be increased – depending on the entitlement to special payments – by 14 percent, by 17 percent or by 21 percent. From the increased net income from work, the daily average is to be calculated, which is then paid out as maternity benefit.

Example: maternity from 15 July

Net income from work in the last 3 months:

April EUR 726.73 30 days
May EUR 726.73 31 days
June EUR 726.73 30 days
Total EUR 2,180.19 91 days

Entitlement to two special payments (holiday and Christmas remuneration):

EUR 2,180.19 / 91 days = EUR 23.96
+ 17 % special payments addition = EUR 4.07
Daily maternity benefit EUR 28.03

Recipients of any type of unemployment benefit receive maternity benefit in the amount of 180 percent of the last benefit they received.

Self-insured marginally employed persons receive a fixed amount of EUR 9,30 (2019) as daily maternity benefit.

For more information and for claiming maternity benefit please contact the WGKK branch (addresses).