Home medical care

If and as long as the nature of the illness allows, home medical care is to be granted instead of hospital care. Home medical care is provided in addition to necessary medical treatment and the provision of health aids and appliances in homely environment. It requires a doctor’s prescription and must only be provided by qualified nursing staff.

Home medical care comprises solely medical services and qualified care services such as giving injections, special diets, dressing wounds etc. Basic care (skin, hair and dental care for patient, help with their daily needs) and domestic help for the patients (making beds, changing beds, cooking meals etc.) are not included under the term “home medical care”. The WGKK does not bear the costs of these activities.

For one particular case of illness, home medical care is granted for a maximum duration of four weeks. Beyond this, it can be extended on approval of the Medical Service of the WGKK (customer centre Wienerberg /ground floor).

Generally, home medical care is granted under an agreement of the Vienna health insurance institutions with the Fonds Soziales Wien.

If home medical care is provided by qualified persons or organisations not under contract with the WGKK, the WGKK makes a contribution towards the costs on presentation of the settled invoice original, as well as a care plan that documents the type and duration in minutes of the care services provided. This contribution amounts to EUR 8.64 plus VAT as the basic amount for home medical services up to a duration of 45 minutes. For each additional full 15 minutes, the contribution is increased by EUR 2.88 plus VAT.

More information on home medical care:
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