Medical rehabilitation measures

Medical rehabilitation measures are granted to insured persons and their entitled dependants on application following medical treatment in order to ensure the treatment is successful and to alleviate the effects of the illness. The insured person’s health is to be restored so that he or she can continue to function in society and lead a satisfying life ideally permanently and without outsides help.
These measures are provided by the WGKK at its dutiful discretion.

Measures include:

  • Stays at hospitals mainly focusing on rehabilitation (rehabilitation centres)
    Measure Monthly gross income Daily payment
    (for a maximum 28 days per calendar year)
    Rehabilitation stay from EUR 933,06
    to EUR 1.514,44
    EUR 8,36
    from EUR 1.514,44+ 1 Cent
    to EUR 2.095,83
    EUR 14,33
    above EUR 2.095,83 EUR 20,31
  • Prostheses, orthopaedic aids and other appliances
  • Medical attendance as well as health aids and appliances
  • Transport costs only for persons exempt from prescription charges (except when only exempt from prescription charges on reaching the upper limit)


The benefits listed can only be granted on application by a hospital or attending doctor following approval by a head physician. When granting health aids and therapeutic appliances within the framework of medical rehabilitation measures, the insured person need not contribute towards the costs. Applications for stays at a hospital mainly focusing on rehabilitation are initially to be sent to the relevant pension or accident insurance institution (e.g. following accidents at work), which will then send the application to the relevant health insurance institution if they do not approve the measure themselves.

More information on rehabilitation measures:
Telephone:+43 1 601 22-2831 

Applications for stays at health resorts for gainfully employed persons and pensioners are, as before, to be sent to 

Friedrich Hillegeiststr. 1
1020 Vienna

From 1 August 2004

  • Stays at health resorts
  • Convalescent stays
  • Self-initiated stays in the country and at health spas
  • Convalescent stays for children

are no longer WGKK benefits.