Health aids and therapeutic appliances

Health aids (e.g. orthopaedic shoe inserts or visual aids) and

Therapeutic appliances (e.g. stair lifts or orthopaedic shoes) are only provided if prescribed by a doctor.

Costs covered

Costs for health aids and therapeutic appliances are covered up to a maximum amount of EUR 522,00.

Deductible for insured persons:
10% of the costs, but at least EUR 34,80

For aids required constantly (e.g. diapers, catheters, syringes) which can be used only once or for a limited time, the insured person has to bear 10% of the costs. The minimum deductible is not applicable in these cases.

An exception is appliances granted as measures of medical rehabilitation. In this case there is neither a deductible nor a maximum amount (e.g. stair lifts).

Attention! For spectacles and contact lenses the deductible is at least EUR 104,40 (for entitled children from the age of 15 at least EUR 34,80).

Costs of contact lenses are covered up to a maximum amount of EUR 174,00 (per piece).

Cost contribution for orthopaedic shoes and the orthopaedic adaption of custom-made shoes is only provided by the WGKK if the work is done by qualified orthopaedic shoemakers. For orthopaedic shoes (except for shoes used in therapy) the insured person has to pay in any case (also in the case of exemption from prescription charges) EUR 72.67 (per pair), for Anti-varus shoes EUR 36.34 (per pair). This contribution is to be made as the orthopaedic shoe (Anti-varus shoe) is not just a therapeutic appliance, but also a normal piece of clothing.

For insulin-dependent diabetics, blood-sugar monitoring devices (except from non-invasive blood glucose meters) and first-care packages are provided without the need for prior approval at the WGKK’s expense against payment of a deductible of EUR 34.20.

Insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetics can get the equipment required subsequently (e.g. test strips and lancets) for measuring blood sugar free of charge at the WGKK health aid counters (addresses).

Blood-sugar monitoring devices and equipment required subsequently are only provided if prescribed by a doctor.

There is no deductible for

  • Insured persons (dependants) under the age of 15 and those who are entitled to increased family allowance (proof required) due to significant disability irrespective of their age.
  • Insured persons (dependants) exempt from prescription charges (except when only exempt from prescription charges on reaching the upper limit)

Aids and appliances subject to approval include

  • Orthopaedic shoes, when provided as a first-care measure
  • (Electric) stair lifts
  • Electric vehicles
  • Bath and patient lifts
  • Medical beds
  • Home respirators and auxiliary equipment (suction equipment, pulse oximeters, airway humidifiers und Accu systems) excluding maintenance
  • Equipment for home respirators (filters, tubes, ventilation kits, suction catheters, mask systems etc.), when provided as a first-care measure
  • Hearing aids (from the age of 16 onwards), speech processors
  • Visual aids under certain circumstances
  • Motorised anti-bedsore mattresses permanently and extension of rental
  • Breathing monitors and heart-rate breathing monitors permanently and extension of rental
  • Pull on
  • CoaguChek systems
  • Prostheses with electronic components
  • Pari eFlow including equipment
  • Lymphatic drainage machines permanently
  • Milk pumps when extension of rental
  • Oxygen supply (oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen)
  • Systems (machines and equipment) for local negative pressure wound therapy
  • Non-invasive blood glucose meters

Aids not listed can be obtained from a contractual partner or a qualified specialised company without prior approval of the WGKK within 14 days of the doctor’s prescription.

The documents for approving aids can also be sent by fax to +43 1 601 22-3588.

Obtaining aids and appliances

Advice on obtaining aids and appliances can be found in the relevant information leaflets. They are available at the WGKK, from doctors under contract, and as a download from the WGKK website.

More information on health aids and therapeutic appliances:
Telephone:  +43 1 601 22-2810