Psychotherapy from contractual partners

Based on the contracts the WGKK has concluded with several associations and facilities, psychotherapeutic treatment can be received at the health fund’s expense (without deductible). Partners under contract are the “Verein für ambulante Psychotherapie“ and the “Wiener Gesellschaft für psychotherapeutische Versorgung“; in addition, there are several specialised facilities focusing on treating particular disorders (e.g. drug abuse, trauma, eating disorders) or particular types of patient (e.g. children, MS patients).

Information can be found in a leaflet, “Undergoing psycho-therapeutic treatment“, available from psychotherapists. For the WGKK to bear the costs, it is in any case necessary to have the treatment approved in advance by the Medical Service. Psychotherapy is also offered without charge in the WGKK’s own facilities (addresses) and in the out-patient departments of several Viennese hospitals.

Partial reimbursement of psychotherapy fees

For psychotherapeutic services rendered by freelance psychotherapists the fee has to be paid by the patient in advance. The WGKK then reimburses some of the costs on presentation of the settled, detailed original invoice, in the amount of

  • 21.80 euros for a single treatment session (60 minute session
  • 12.72 euros for a single treatment session (30 minute session
  • 7.27 euros for a group session
    (90 minute session) per person (maximum of 10 persons)
  • 5.09 euros for a group session
    (45 minute session) per person (maximum of 10 persons)

Application forms for reimbursement including information are available at the customer centre Wienerberg/ground floor, at all WGKK branches (addresses), from psychotherapists or at www.wgkk.at.


  • A mental disorder that is an illness from a social-insurance point of view (mere advice in various question does not merit any reimbursement)
  • Written proof that before the second psychotherapeutic treatment session at the latest a medical examination took place. This proof requires no special form, but the WGKK can supply such forms. The doctor can be consulted with the e-card if she or he is under contract with the WGKK.
  • With treatment requiring more than ten therapy sessions, an application for cost reimbursement can be made. Application forms are available at the customer centre Wienerberg, at all WGKK branches (addresses) and at www.wgkk.at.



It is not possible to undergo at the same time therapy at a facility under contract or a health centre at the WGKK’s expense and receive reimbursement.