“Early Detection“ – the Austrian Breast-Cancer Screening Programme

Under the programme, women from the age of 40 can undergo an early-detection mammography free of charge once every two years:

  • Women between 45 and 69 make an appointment at a radiological facility participating in the programme and have to bring along just their e-card to the early-detection mammography.
    The e-card is activated for this every two years. Every two years, women receive an invitation letter reminding them of the examination. No separate invitation or doctor’s referral is required.
  • Women between 40 and 44, as well as from the age of 70, can register for the programme via the phone service line 0800 500 181 or an online form at www.frueh-erkennen.at.

    If women register by telephone, the e-card is activated during the phone call; in the case of online registration, after no more than two working days. They can then use their e-card to visit any participating radiological institution for their early-detection mammography once every two years. 

  • To remind them of the exam, two years after their last mammography, women receive a reminder by the social insurance institution including information on the programme. For the exam, women only need to bring their e-card, the reminder or a doctor’s referral is not required.

  • The Austrian Breast-Cancer Screening Programme takes care that women can rely on the quality of the examinations: this includes quality criteria such as the use of modern, digital devices and reports from two different, independent radiologists.
    The radiologists participating in the programme are certified and ensure the programme’s high quality.

  • The programme aims at healthy women from the age of 40 onwards with no evidence of breast cancer and no increased risk in the family. In case of medical necessity, such as complaints, an existing tumour and its follow-up treatment or an increased risk in the family, the mammography takes place irrespective of age on a doctor’s referral.

: Austrian Breast-Cancer Screening Programm

Toll-free telephone service line: 0800 500 181 (Mon–Fri from 8am to 6pm)
Website: www.frueh-erkennen.at
E-Mail: linkserviceline@frueh-erkennen.at