Medical check-ups

If more than 365 days have passed since the last check-up, any person older than 18 resident in Austria is entitled to a free medical check-up, even if they are not insured!

On presentation of the e-card or a medical-examination health voucher (available in all WGKK customer centres / district branches) the check-up can also be taken at the WGKK’s health centers within the health network (addresses) or at 1,300 doctors under contract for medical examinations. Appointments for check-ups at the WGKK’s health centers within the health network can be made under the toll-free service line 0800 501 522. 

At the check-up, the most frequent health risks that can be influenced, such as being overweight, a high blood pressure, smoking and lack of exercise are addressed.
The main focus is not on abstract figures, but the personal risk profile of the patient, who thus find out about their health status. They can then decide themselves what to do about their health – e.g. more exercise, a better diet, refraining from smoking and a responsible intake of alcoholic beverages.

In an international comparison, Austria’s medical check-up system is a frontrunner: no other health system is that comprehensive.

Information folders (in German) are available at the WGKK (addresses) or as an internet download at www.sozialversicherung.at/vu.

“Think of your health - get yourself examined!“

More information on medical examinations:
Website: www.sozialversicherung.at/vu
 E-Mail: linkvu@sozialversicherung.at
Toll-free service line: 0800 501 522 (Mon to Fri, 7 am to 7 pm)