Medical check-ups for young people

Medical check-ups for young people are intended for (working) young people (apprentices) in compulsory insurance between the ages of 15 and 18.

To monitor their health status, young people are invited to take a medical examination at least once a year.

Together with the invitation to the exam, the young person’s employer receives an information letter.
The medical check-up for young people includes a full physical examination and tips for healthy living.
Furthermore, information on healthy eating is provided, non-smoking advice is given and several other services (e.g. first-love walk-in clinic) are presented.

Additionally, young people’s vaccination record is checked and they are informed on booster vaccinations required.

WGKK medical check-up centre for young people:
Health centre Vienna-Mariahilf
6., Mariahilfer Straße 85–87
Telephone: +43 1 601 22-40630